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Our next Nomad Fests
Nomad Fest Bansko
Bansko Nomad Fest is the largest meetup for digital nomads, taking place in Bansko, Bulgaria, from June 23 to June 30, 2024. It's a week-long celebration of the nomadic lifestyle.
23rd - 30th June, 2024
1st Bosnia Nomad Fest
Say "Zdravo" to adventure!
Join us in the Bjelašnica Mountains (Bjelašnica, Bosnia & Herzegovina) for a week-long escape. Connect with fellow wanderers, share campfire stories, explore forests, and savour local cuisine. Dive into the rich history and culture of Bosnia.

21st - 28th July 2024
Niš Nomad Weekend
Join us in Niš, Serbia for the Niš Nomad Weekend, a multi-day event to welcome digital nomads into Niš’s digital community.

The best part? It’s all free! Just sign up and commit to coming. Spots are limited, so don’t miss out!
9th -12th August, 2024
5 Day Nomad Conference in Koh Phangan
Join us for 5 days on Koh Phangan, Thailand. Connect with inspiring speakers, founders, and fellow nomads while enjoying island activities.
Our mission is to connect Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs to help achieve mutual goals.
Build connections, inspire growth, and enjoy an unforgettable experience in a relaxed setting.
The best part? After the event, enjoy our Island Pass and coworking packages to co-work and co-live with a vibrant community for as long as you like!
23rd - 28th August 2024
2nd Nomad Fest Switzerland
The 2nd Nomad Fest Switzerland, set for September 8 to 15, 2024, offers a cozy assembly enriched with plenty of leisure activities, engaging speakers, unconference sessions, Viper Tank competitions, storytelling, and more.
8th to 15th September, 2024
1st Snomad Fest Switzerland
Join us for the Nomad Fest Switzerland Winter Edition, December 1-8, 2024! In the heart of the snowy Swiss Alps, this gathering is where the nomadic lifestyle meets winter wonder. Expect a cozy mix of networking, workshops, and snow-filled adventures. Dive into a week of winter magic and community warmth. Pack your enthusiasm and winter gear for an extraordinary experience!
1st - 8th December, 2024
Relax Amidst Nature and Engage with Fellow Visionaries at This 7-Day Gatherings
Nomad Fest stands as a premier seven-day journey for digital nomads, merging the tranquility of the natural world with the vibrancy of cutting-edge thought. Tailored for those who flourish while on the move, it serves as a remarkable platform for idea sharing, skill enhancement, and relationship building. The festival's rich schedule includes motivational keynotes, hands-on workshops, unconference discussions, and the thrilling Viper Tank competition, ensuring a wealth of inspiration. Further enriched by storytelling, nomad games, extensive networking sessions, and a talent show, Nomad Fest actively nurtures the creativity, freedom, and adventurous spirit at the heart of the nomadic way of life. This festival transcends the typical event, evolving into a vibrant community eager to explore the vast potentials of a mobile existence, with the overarching goal of learning from one another.
Swiss Nomad Fest in Liddes
As small and very cozy gathering of digital nomads - 8th - 15th September
Bansko Nomad Fest
The worlds biggest gathering of digital nomads with nearly 1000 participants - 23rd - 30th June 2024
7-Day Nomad Fest events around the world

our current Nomad Fests

Bansko (Bulgaria), Liddes (Switzerland), Tallinn (Estonia)

we plan to start further Nomad Fests in

Brazil, Philippines, Thailand (probably Chang Mai), Tenerife, Italy
  • (Un)Conference
    Participate in Unconferences by sharing your passions and talents. This format empowers you to shape the agenda and engage in discussions on topics that resonate with you. Pitch your ideas and watch them become part of the Nomad Fest program. Everyone is welcome to join, so let's collaborate and make this event unforgettable! Unconferences serve as the core of every Nomad Fest.
  • Viper Tank Competition
    At each event, the Viper Tank Final Competition showcases! Witness inventive presentations, the essence of entrepreneurship, and intense rivalry as 5 finalists compete for the premier position.
  • Coliving
    A significant number of our participants opt to stay in coliving accommodations during the festivals.
  • Speakers
    At every Nomad Fest, we feature speakers who delve into fascinating subjects related to the nomad lifestyle.
  • Coworking
    Boost your productivity in coworking spaces and collaborate alongside others. Participation in our events is entirely optional. Some of our attendees balance their remote jobs while engaging in the activities.
  • Story Telling evening
    Experience an Evening of Participant Tales and Legends! From personal anecdotes to cultural narratives, indulge in captivating stories shared by fellow participants. Join us for a captivating evening filled with storytelling magic and hear firsthand the experiences of our participants.
  • Community
    Forge connections with digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking freedom, cultivating valuable relationships along the way.
  • Talent Show
    Showcase your Talent: Unveil your skills! Some participants possess extraordinary talents, including singing, dancing, theater, and stand-up comedy. Seize the spotlight; the stage awaits you.
  • Activities
    Explore the area: Embark on hikes, adventures, city tours, and visits to thermal baths alongside your fellow nomads. Activities vary based on the destination.
  • Yoga Sessions
    Each morning, we engage in an invigorating yoga session. Join us to rejuvenate your body and mind.
How to participate
At, there are various opportunities for you to engage and add value to the community.

You can participate as a keynote speaker, a community ambassador, or a volunteer, or simply enjoy our program and connect with other freedom seekers in your own way. Whatever your role may be, we highly encourage active involvement throughout the program with unconferences and networking events.
Immerse yourself in our program and connect with like-minded freedom seekers at your own path. To join, simply book your ticket, select your preferred food and accommodation options, and embrace an incredible journey of self-discovery and connection.
Inspire, uplift, and motivate others with your remarkable story! Join us as a Keynote Speaker at Nomad Fest Switzerland and share your expertise. Enjoy free entry to the event. Unleash your impact and be part of this transformative experience!
At each Nomad Fest, we're in search of volunteers. By contributing 20 hours a week, you'll earn a free ticket. Moreover, you'll gain valuable insights and have the opportunity to meet many inspiring individuals.
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Calling all community leaders! Want to invite your community to join the Nomad Fest? We have a special promotion for community ambassadors, including exclusive promotion codes for your members and the chance to earn benefits like commissions on confirmed accommodations. As an ambassador, you'll receive free entry to Nomad Fest and the opportunity to be a speaker.

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