Nomad Fest Bansko Teaser in TALLINN

25 - 26th May 2024 in Tallinn,
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For the creative minds and wandering souls craving connection and inspiration, the Nomad Fest Tallinn edition unfolds a vibrant tapestry of experiences, condensed into an electrifying two-day extravaganza. Held in the heart of Estonia's digital innovation hub, this gathering distills the essence of, inviting nomads from all corners of the globe to forge meaningful connections, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and indulge in an immersive cultural exchange.

Beyond the talks and workshops, Nomad Fest Tallinn is a celebration of the nomadic lifestyle, offering endless opportunities to network, explore collaborative opportunities, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals. From casual coffee meetups to vibrant evening gatherings, every moment is an invitation to connect and grow together.

Join us in Tallinn for an unforgettable journey of learning, networking, and celebration. Embrace the freedom of nomadism, immerse yourself in the sharing of knowledge, and be part of a community that thrives on movement, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of passion. Welcome to Nomad Fest Tallinn – where every encounter has the potential to change your world.
:: VENUE ::
Marati 5
10151, Tallinn

What You'll Get
At Nomad Fest Tallinn, we celebrate the spirit of nomadism, where every conversation could lead to a new venture, and every handshake to a lifelong friendship. Our curated lineup of speakers, leaders in their respective fields, will share insights on remote work, lifestyle design, and the future of digital nomadism, igniting discussions that challenge and inspire.
  • Community
    Connect with digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers, and build meaningful friendships.
  • Nomadic Narratives: Enlightening Speeches on the Nomad Lifestyle
    Embark on a Journey of Nomadic Insights: Speeches on Nomad Topics! Explore diverse perspectives, inspiring stories, and practical advice from fellow nomads. Join us for an enlightening evening of shared wisdom and connection.
  • (Un)Conference
    Gain New Insights with our keynote Speakers, Unconferences, and Networking Events.

    Share your passions and talents during Unconferences. This format allows you to shape the agenda and participate in discussions on the topics you care about. Pitch your ideas and see them come to life as part of the Nomad Fest Switzerland program. Anyone can sign up to join in, so let's make it an awesome event together!
  • Participant Tales: An Afternoon of Storytelling Magic
    Enter the World of Storytelling: An Afternoon of Participant Tales and Legends! From personal anecdotes to cultural narratives, immerse yourself in captivating stories shared by fellow participants. Join us for an enchanting afternoon of storytelling magic.
  • Viper Tank competition
    Dive into the Excitement: Viper Tank Competition Final! Witness innovative pitches, entrepreneurial spirit, and fierce competition as finalists battle for the ultimate prize. Don't miss this thrilling finale!
  • Mastermind and Mentor Session
    Pitch your ongoing projects, find potential partners, and offer mentorship opportunities in this collaborative forum.
Keynote Speakers Announcement
Get ready to be inspired! Coming soon.

25 - 26th May 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia
Program Nomad Fest
Exciting things are in store for the upcoming Nomad Fest teaser, and this is just a sneak peek of what you can expect!

Our program is designed to provide a balanced mix of inspiring keynotes, engaging unconference sessions, and a variety of in- and outdoor activities to connect, learn, and share with others. You'll have flexibility in the afternoons to choose between optional excursions or dedicated work time.

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Conference Program
Saturday, May 25th
Dani Maletic
Philipp Weber
Conference Program
Sunday, May 26th
Dani Maletic
Philipp Weber
Sunday, May 26th
Dani Maletic
Philipp Weber
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